Taking the SAT and ACT exam has become a “right-of-passage” for many high school students. As you prepares for this postsecondary journey, unpleasant thoughts and anxieties inevitably creep in, but with thorough goal setting and preparation those doubts and fears will ultimately subside. FLOAT Prep helps you gain the confidence you need to be successful not only on test day, but also in life. 


Through our Online SAT and ACT test prep courses.  

We offer private and group sessions for the SAT and ACT.  

At FLOAT Prep, we love options.  

You can either connect and engage with 7 other students in cooperative learning groups or receive one on one support from one of our specially trained tutors.   

And if you are a busy bee during the week, don’t fret. We have something for you too! Our weekend test prep courses are exactly what you are looking for. 

Using our specialized test prep methods, our students, on average, will increase their SAT scores by 150 points or more or increase their ACT scores by 4 points or more.  

We ensure that our students not only walk into the exam room confident, collected, and prepared…. but that they also exceed their highest expectations on test day. 

Let us figure out the best approach for you today.