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FLOAT Prep: A Revolutionary Form of Test Prep Services

As the competition to get into college becomes more intense, so does the need for tutoring and test prep services. Fortunately, Florida Online Academic Test Prep (FLOAT Prep) is committed to creating real equity within the world of education. 

At FLOAT Prep, we believe that education is a passport to the future.

With this guiding philosophy, we strive to provide affordable academic test prep support to students of all backgrounds and learning styles.

But what really makes FLOAT Prep revolutionary?

FLOAT Prep is an online tutoring service designed to improve SAT and ACT test scores as well as English, and Math skills by focusing on a student’s natural strengths — not through test-taking tricks or rote memorization (like other tutoring services have been known to do.)

Our educational model takes a holistic approach to educating students. Students navigate their learning using the strengths they already possess to improve on their academic weaknesses. Our teachers act as facilitators and guide students in creating and measuring achievable goals.

FLOAT Prep evaluates each student’s multiple intelligence and interests to create personalized education plans. Students receive weekly academic progress reports that show how they are progressing towards their goals.

By tailoring lessons to the student — not the other way around — we are creating a fair and equitable approach to learning.

Why was FLOAT Prep started?

FLOAT Prep was started by a former teacher who taught low-income students, English Language Learners, and students with special needs for over ten years. During her years of teaching, she became the Head of the English Department at a charter school in Florida. There, she also taught pedagogy and curriculum to other teachers. 

But she is also a mother of three children with disabilities, and grew increasingly frustrated as she noticed her children – especially her oldest son, who was diagnosed with Autism – were not getting the academic support they needed.

In an effort to close that educational gap, she started educating her children at home. It wasn’t long before she started tutoring other students.

She started an online tutoring company because she wanted to close the education gap on a much larger scale.

How are our classes set up?

All classes are led by educators that have at least 2 years of teaching experience and are master teacher within their subject areas, whether it be test prep, Math, or English. Classes are available for students in grades 6-12, but we also support students in elementary school when the need arises.

During group SAT and ACT sessions students are receive 48 hours of test prep instruction with an actual teacher. In addition, students are expected to study for an additional 4 hours outside of the classroom, for a total of 10 hours of study time per week. Group sessions never exceed 8 students.

Students can also opt for private one-on-one SAT and/or ACT tutoring sessions.

Our Math and English tutoring services are all one-on-one sessions. Each session is 1 hour in length and are customized to the student’s needs.

With guidance and support from their teachers, students create realistic, achievable goals. Students are given progress reports weekly to determine if their goals are being met.

When and where are classes held?

All FLOAT Prep tutoring and test prep services are available online. 

Group SAT and ACT sessions are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Weekend-only sessions are also available. 

In all one-on-one sessions, students and teachers arrange a convenient day and time to meet virtually. 

4 hour cram sessions are offered as well to support students prior to an exam. These intense one-on-one study sessions take place on weekends and are merely meant to be a refresher course before testing.

How else do we contribute to equitable learning opportunities?

Florida Online Academic Test Prep is committed to helping all students receive the education they deserve. 

This is why ten percent of all our proceeds are used to provide school supplies to Caribbean children in need. These young students are also provided with school uniforms and other academic resources they need to support their educational endeavors.

Enroll in our summer sessions!

This summer, give your child the opportunity to improve their test taking abilities without the added pressure of managing schoolwork.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your child’s learning needs and goals here.

Get more general information about our program and our course schedule  here.

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