Not satisfied with your score? Learn about the FLOAT Prep Guarantee.

What is the FLOAT Prep Guarantee?

If any student scores below the expected average course increase for their particular exam or if they get a score lower than their previous test scores, FLOAT Prep will offer that student to retake the same test prep session for free, as a courtesy.

Expected average course increase the SAT and the ACT:

SAT 48 Sessions- average 150 point increase

SAT 32 Sessions- average 100-120 point increase

SAT 24 Sessions- average 70-90 point increase

ACT 48 Sessions- average 5-6 point increase

ACT 32 Sessions- average 4-5 point increase

ACT 24 Sessions- average 3-4 point increase

Here are the national averages for the SAT and the ACT:

National Average for the SAT is 1050-1060

National Average for the ACT is 20.8

Who is eligible?

  • Tutoring services are paid in full.
  • Received a score below the expected average course increase OR if received a score lower than an SAT or ACT exam you took previously. (The exam should have been taken within 90 days to qualify.)
  • Completed the SAT or ACT exam within 90 days of completing a test prep session with FLOAT Prep.
  • Fully attended all classes and completed all homework assigned.
  • Haven’t used the guarantee already for the same purchase

When can I retake the test prep sessions?

You can retake the test prep session as soon as the next session is available. You have six months after receiving your official SAT or ACT test scores to repeat your test prep session. The test prep session must be in the same format and for the same test as previously enrolled. For example, you cannot enroll in ACT test prep session if you originally took the SAT test prep session. The same is true for one on one sessions versus group sessions.

What if I just want my money back?

Unfortunately, the only relief that FLOAT Prep offers at this time is the option to retake the test prep sessions.

Important information regarding our guarantee

Students only have access to this guarantee once per paid purchase. So, if you choose to retake the test prep session, you are no longer be eligible to retake another session.