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What Are the Benefits of Online Tutoring?

As families get busier and academic rigor increases, it is only natural that tutoring has become a necessity. With all the tutoring options out there, how do parents decide which one is right for their family? In this post, you’ll get all the benefits of online tutoring over in-person tutoring, including:

  • cost comparisons
  • travel differences
  • learning environment differences
  • unique benefits for neurodivergent students
  • COVID-19 considerations

Online tutoring requires no physical travel.

You know the scenario: Parents are rushing home from work, deciding on dinner options for that night. Then students are rushing home from school, only to have more chores and extracurricular activities. There is very little time to waste as everyone is rushing out the door once again trying to make it to the tutoring session on time. And by the time, the family makes it to the tutoring lesson both parent and child are flustered and anxious. 

We can all agree that the greatest benefit to online tutoring is that it provides busy families with more flexibility. No rush hour traffic to deal with. Finding parking is definitely not an issue. Parents, students, and tutors all agree that online tutoring provides a stress free alternative to in-person tutoring given everyone’s limited time constraints.

It's much less expensive than in-person tutoring.

Online tutoring just doesn’t have as many overhead expenses for businesses as in-person tutoring does. Online tutoring organizations don’t need to pay rent for a brick and mortar building, or utilities, or for supplies. These organizations are zero waste, which is not only good for the planet, but for your wallet.

And, of course, since you don’t have to spend time or money on driving, you can also cut costs there.

Online tutoring provides a much more comfortable, familiar learning environment.

At home, students are in complete control of their learning space. They may choose their preferred workspace, have access to food and school items, and study whenever they need to at home.

Plus, since online schooling was the norm throughout 2020, students are becoming more accustomed to doing things online rather than in-person at this point.

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Benefits of Online Tutoring for Neurodivergent Students

There are a lot of unexpected benefits of online learning for neurodivergent students, which showed through throughout COVID-19. These benefits include:

  • more willingness to complete unfamiliar tasks while in a familiar environment
  • easier time socializing with students without the pressures of in-person interactions
  • less sensory overload at home, which is helpful for students with ADHD and/or Autism
  • flexibility over when work is done, which is helpful for students who have difficulty waking up in the morning due to mental illness or medications

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Continually improve technology skills.

Technology is a part of our everyday existence. Of course, this also comes with its own challenges, but an important, yet unrealized, benefit of online tutoring is improved computer skills.

With this type of learning, students learn to:

  • interact effectively in online meetings and through various communication formats
  • manage files, programs, and schedules without being constantly reminded by someone in-person
  • take ownership and responsibility for their schooling, as they are not physically carted somewhere every tutoring session

These are all critical skills for this all-encompassing digital age, so students may as well continue to develop technology skills throughout their academic careers.

Still unsure about whether going digital is the right choice?

If you are still unsure if online tutoring is right for your family, don’t worry. Just try it out – if it’s not the right fit, you can always go back to in-person tutoring!

If you need some extra help studying for your classes, or with the SAT and ACT, enroll in one of our online courses.

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